Ice Age Video Editing for N.G Kids

Video Editing for National Geographic Kids Magazine UK


In December 2012 National Geographic Kids Magazine UK (NG Kids UK) posted two videos to promote the recent release of Ice Age 4: Continental Drift and Iceland itself (where the promotional event was showcased). I edited the following two features.

Ice Age 4: Continental Drift Interview!

The first is an interview with Peter De Séve (character designer for the Ice Age movies). Creating this video involved combining two camera sources with the right amount of cutting to keep the audience engaged and to keep the conversation flowing. I also cleaned up the audio track and created the nameplate overlays.

National Geographic Kids Heads to Iceland!

This next video is in three sections. The first combines multiple pieces of footage of Iceland’s famous landscapes which overlay the narration by Chloe Ward (NG Kids UK reporter). The second part is an interview with glacier expert Páll Á. Davíđsson who talks about how we can play our part in reducing pollution. The final part is an explosion of Strokkur Geyser (the bass may have been exaggerated slightly).

Both of these pieces were edited by me over a weekend; however the original content was captured and provided by the event hosts Blue Sky Studios, Inc. I enjoyed working on these projects and urge anyone else who requires my services to either contact me though my contact page or through the social media links on my homepage


For more information and images from the event, please check out the original posts from NG Kids UK on these pages (My editing credits are on those pages):

Photos and source by Chloe Ward

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