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Interactive Fiction

For my final year project at University Hertfordshire, I chose to create a web application that would increase the exposure of the medium of Interactive Fiction (I.F). 

I.F is a method of storytelling which combines the textual medium of reading a book with the interactivity of a game. You essentially read passages of text and have options on what to do next, by the end of it you have a custom story.

An icon for the project Ice Age Video Editing for N.G Kids

Ice Age Video Editing for N.G Kids

In December 2012 National Geographic Kids Magazine UK (NG Kids UK) posted two videos to promote the recent release of Ice Age 4: Continental Drift and Iceland itself (where the promotional event was showcased). Both videos were edited by me.

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My Personal Website

This website is designed to demonstrate my skills as a website developer. It features multiple data driven webpages with an easy to use back-end system for content management. It also features an account system with encryption and validation. This is my first published data driven website.

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